My favorite bouquet ideas... haven't decided yet.

these are ceremony flowers, but I like them  as a bouquet idea.


<---OMG, Hawaii knottie eacerna's bouquet from SU-V Expressions Florist is so beautiful!  I may go with something similar, but it looks really pricey.  We'll see.













My DIY bouquet attempts - the bridesmaid bouquet

With the turquoise dresses, I thought yellow flowers would make a nice contrast.  Maybe more intense and brighter yellow tulips rather than these; these were more pale yellow.  But now I am thinking I will do the same thing but with white tulips, and possibly mix in one other white flower as well. 

This bouquet was 19 tulips.  The blue dots are sewing-type pins I got at Target.  I would need to put them in more neatly for the real thing.  Sorry the chiffon ribbon looks wet at the bottom - it's because I had it in water.  I tested refrigerating it over night, and it still looked the same the next day.

Even though I like the idea of yellow tulips for the girls, I have no idea what color my bouquet should then be to coordinate.  I thought white would make it easier to coordinate, and white will pop very nicely against the brightness of the turquoise/sky blue dresses.

The bridal bouquet

I made this bouquet with 3 types of roses - white, pale green, and pale peach -and with white freesia.  It's actually not what I want as my bouquet, but I couldn't decide what I wanted while buying the flowers at the LA Flower Mart, so I tried this. 

(above) This is the same as the one on the left, but I cut some of the green flowers (freesia) so they wouldn't look so long and awkward.  The bottom peach rose is peach-ier than the other ones; maybe I should have picked a lighter one.

(left) I just liked the way it looked at a flower arrangement in a vase too, so that is this picture.