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Beach wedding insurance (required by the State of Hawaii):  one good one is 

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Shoe Websites

Hawaii knotties know how much I am into shoes, so, for shoes: - saw lots of white satin and silk shoes here I haven't seen elsewhere.  But also saw some of the more common ones for cheaper on shoebuy and zappos.  You can also get your shoes dyed for $12 on this site, or $25 if you are sending in shoes you bought elsewhere. - got my shoes from this website - on a day they were having 20% off everything (they seem to do this pretty often, I've noticed it twice in a fairly short period).  They also gave me 10% off for being a new customer and registering.  Then I got an email asking me to review the shoe; when I did, they sent me a thank you email saying that they will credit 5% of the cost of the shoes back onto my credit card!  And with this email they also sent a 10% off coupon for a future purchase.  Price: Colorful Creations Shine: $67.95 original - $13.59 discount - $5.44 discount = $48.92 - $2.45 discount = $46.47. - this website doesn't have a good search funtion though.  It makes you look through too many at once. - very interesting site with interesting shoes.  some are cute.  some are slutty.  they even have something called "fetish footwear."  It's also like a 50s clothing website.

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