simple & beautiful

I really like this simple cake, but James doesn't want a brown cake.

mostly I want a white cake with flowers on it

Thought this one from the knot was so adorable!

I'm thinking of doing the same cake as above, but having these magnetic salt and pepper shakers as the cake topper.  Only $8.95 at
They have other ones, like kissing animals, and a more traditional kissing B&G.

props to hawaii knotties

This one is fellow Hawaii knottie SanHawaiiO8's cake (I hope it's okay to post this image, SanHawaii08!).  It's from what used to be Mary Catherine's Bakery, which is now called Cake Works apparently.  The one below is eacerna's cake, so beautiful too!  I'm definitely going to meet with this bakery.

I love SirenSong's cake above - especially the taller proportions of the cake.  It's beautiful!